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dahlia weinstein retouched (C) 2018 andr

My name is Dahlia & I’m a Diva

I love fashion! I love shopping! I love primping! I love pampering! A few years ago, something was missing from my life and I began a journey that eventually led me to this passion project.


Back in 2008, I experienced a debilitating bout of severe depression. It took a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a general practitioner years to get me back on track. I was prescribed a plethora of anti-depressants to alter my brain chemistry, but I yearned for something to stimulate my spirit and my soul. I wanted to feel "happy."

Mother Nature beckoned, so at the age of 45, after residing in beautiful Colorado for 15 years, I finally decided to become a legitimate mountain girl and get outdoors. I started out slowly walking around some of Colorado’s beautiful parks. Then, I stepped it up and joined some beginners’ hiking Meetup groups. My ego was wary at first. I thought I looked like an idiot. (I did!) Finally, I began to hike some less-intimidating trails on my own. It took me a while to get my bearings, but I refused to be defeated. Despite aching muscles, constant obstacles, endless stumbles and many broken fingernails, I fell in love with the great outdoors.

During the summer of 2018, I set a goal to attempt my first thru-hike for my 50th birthday in 2019. (For newbies out there, a thru-hike is a very, very, very long hike carrying everything you need on your back.) On the morning of July 8, 2019, I set off to backpack across all 485 miles of The Colorado Trail in one two-month push. It was incredible and amazing and phenomenal! It was awful and miserable and a nightmare! It was exhilarating and life-affirming and glorious! And sometimes, it just sucked!

My adventure was a constant series of trials and tribulations, moments of misery and moments of glory, quite similar to my time spent training for the trail. I didn't complete all 485 miles, but between my time on the trail and treks to a few emergency rooms along the way (truth!), I hiked more than 300 miles! After 46 days, I finally tapped out at the right time for the right reasons and on my own terms. However, I assure you, I intend to go back to finish what I started.


Until then, I documented my first attempt on The Colorado Trail, and my hiking experiences leading up to that trek. I hope tales of my many escapades light a spark in like-minded ladies by sharing the tips, tricks and many lessons I learned along the way.


Join me on this fun journey and let me inspire the Dirty Boot Diva in you!

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